Effects of the Holiday Freight Season

Effects of the Holiday Freight Season

When it comes to the holidays and winter months that follow, the freight industry only becomes more unpredictable, so it is important to prepare your company for any pitfalls that come with the season. With the continued driver shortage, low temperatures, unpredictable weather, and continued rising cost of fuel, trying to implement a plan to cover every difficulty seems nearly impossible. Because many of these issues are unavoidable, the best way to prepare is by communicating with your clients openly and often. With fewer hours of sunlight in the day, planning for longer windows of transit is essential.

Regardless of where your company is located, or where you ship freight, issues can occur within your supply chain at any time during the year. With the instability of winter, it is even more significant to make sure you have a myriad of alternative delivery methods for shipments, should there be lane closures, breakdowns, or any other issues arise. For 3PL companies similar to ours, the relationships we have with our carriers are imperative, especially now. In warmer states, it is fair to expect business to run as usual for clients that ship through those regions. Even with temperature variations, non-weather-related issues still come up, such as the continuous lack of drivers and covid-related labor shortages.

With shipping being the backbone of the holidays, preparation is vital. Try to make a list of the ways you succeeded in previous years and the ways you could have done better to avoid common mistakes. Remember that communication is imperative in reassuring your clients and helping them deal with capacity or weather-related concerns.

The colder seasons bring no exception to the caliber of service we provide for you here at Raging Wolf Solutions. We have taken time over the years to foster solid relationships with all contacts, giving us thousands of trusted carriers across the country.

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