Shipment Tracking Made Easy by Raging Wolf

Shipment Tracking Made Easy by Raging Wolf

Over the last 10 years, shipment tracking has become a staple in this industry. Every large logistics company will have their own way for customers to track a shipment. Most of the time it is with a third party, by way of a downloaded application for every person in the supply chain. Since Raging Wolf Solutions began, every time a location update was requested by a client, it had to be completed manually. To provide a more reliable method, two of our very own pack members, Rob Sandlin and Johnathan Wierzbicki, have spent the majority of the past 6 months developing a simple, rather unique, user-friendly solution. I was able to sit down with them to get their perspective on the process as well as a run-through of how things work.

·         What inspired you to create this software?

o   A: For years, when our team needed location updates regarding our active shipments, we relied on manual processes or third-party tools. In many cases, when our customers asked for a location update, we would handle this process manually, by calling the driver for an update on their location — and then, relaying that information back to our customer. This is a time-consuming, and sometimes unreliable process.

·         What challenges did you face during the development process?

o   A: We’re committed to enhancing our logistics operations and providing our clients with unparalleled service. Our journey to improve shipment tracking has unfolded in three strategic phases, each building on the success of the last to bring you the best in logistics technology.

·         Phase 1: Empowering Our Team

o   A: We kicked off our journey by introducing GPS-based shipment location tracking for our Operations team. This initial step allowed our team to manually send updates to our drivers, ensuring we always knew where your goods were on their journey.

·         Phase 2: Streamlining with Automation

o   A: Next, we took a giant leap forward by automating the tracking process. No more manual texts; our system now sends automatic updates at every stage of delivery. This phase not only increased efficiency but also reduced the margin of error, making our tracking process more reliable than ever.

·         Phase 3: Putting the Power in Your Hands

o   A: We’re thrilled to announce our next step: a dedicated customer portal. Launching soon, this platform will allow you to view detailed shipment information, including real-time location tracking, at your convenience. This means you’ll have complete visibility over your shipments, anytime, anywhere.

·         Behind the Scenes: Our Commitment to Excellence

o   A: Integrating these advancements, especially into our Salesforce TMS, wasn’t without its challenges. A peek at the commit history for Phase 2 reveals our commitment to delivering the best solutions to you, our treasured clients!

·         How does this software benefit our company?

o   A: This new functionality allows us to easily and consistently monitor the location of shipments we choose to track. It eliminates the need for drivers to download an app or go through complicated steps to enable tracking. Additionally, it empowers our team to share real-time shipment location updates with you, our valued customers.

·         Are there any unique features of the software that you are particularly proud of?

o   A: Our focus was to build this tracking system to be straightforward, easy to use, and at the same time, very customizable. Our team can now easily control the frequency of updates, enabling and disabling the tracking, and which phone number the updates are tracked with. All from a single screen, and a handful of configuration options.

·         How do you see this software evolving in the future?

o   A: While we do not currently have any plans for the future of location tracking, our IT team is always listening to your feedback. Any improvements or changes you suggest, we will do our best to incorporate into this new system.

·         What personal satisfaction or fulfillment have you gained from creating this for our company?

o   A: There is such an enjoyment in diving into something new; especially something that will create a significant enhancement to our customer experience. It is encouraging to see a need and be able to personally conceptualize a solution to fill it. As much time and energy that was put in this, it is especially gratifying to know that it is truly the simplest, most reliable way to track. Below we included a screen grab of what you, the client, will see during each location update.